Vintage Aloha Trailers 22

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Vintage Aloha trailer

Vintage Aloha trailer

Vintage Aloha Trailer Specifications, Weights and Dimensions

Aloha manufactured economic travel trailers from 1954 to 1970. They were a small company but quite popular.

Vintage Aloha Trailer Models

YearModelLengthHeightWidthWeightHitch Weight
1960Aloha Camper12'6'5"6'5"1100-
196015 Deluxe15'2"-7'1500175
196016 Deluxe16'3"-7'1700200
196018 Deluxe18'3"-7'6"2800250
196020 Deluxe20'3"-8'3500350
1962Compact Din13'6"6'6'6"1400150
1962Compact Dav13'6"6'6'6"1400150
1962Compact S Din13'6"6'6'6"1625235
196213' Compact S Dav13'6"6'6'6"1625225
196215' King15'3"6'3"7'1690180
196216' Din16'3"6'3"7'1798195
196216' Dav16'3"6'3"7'1798195
196216' S Din16'3"6'3"7'2000360
196216' S Dav16'3"6'3"7'2000360
196218' Custom17'8"6'3"7'2500250
196218' S.C.17'8"6'3"7'2800280
196222' S.C.21'10"6'3"7'3600360
196413' Deluxe13'-6'6"1400-
196413' Deluxe S/L13'-6'6"1550-
196415' Standard15'-7'1650-
196415' Deluxe15'-7'1690-
196416' Deluxe16'-7'1798-
196416' Deluxe S/L16'-7'1950-
196416T Custom16'-7'1995-
196416T S.C.16'-7'2000-
196416T Custom S.C.16'-7'2150-
1964Custom 18 T&S18'-7'6"2500-
1964Custom 18 T&S S.C.18'-7'6"2550-
196513 Deluxe13'6'6'6"1400150
196513 Deluxe S/L13'6'6'6"1550215
196515 Deluxe15'6'3"7'1690170
196516 Deluxe16'6'3"7'1798195
196516 Deluxe S/L16'6'3"7'1950315
196516T Custom16'6'3"7'1895250
196516T Custom S/L16'6'3"7'2150345
196519T Custom19'6'3"7'6"2650310
196519T Custom S/L19'6'3"7'6"2750370
196522T Custom22'6'6"8'3350410
196525T Custom25'6'6"8'4650485
196528T Custom28'6'6"8'5200500
196613D S/L13'8"-6'6"1400150
196616D S/L16'8"-7'1895250
196616T S.C.16'4"-7'2000290
196616T SLSC16'4"-7'2000290
196617 1/2 S.C.18'-7'6"2650310
196619T S.C.20'6"-7'6"3100400
196622T S.C.23'3"-8'3350410
196625T S.C.25'4"-8'4500470
1967Deluxe 1313'8"6'-1400150
1967Deluxe 1515'6"6'3"-1600170
1967Deluxe 1616'8"6'3"-1895250
196716T Custom16'4"6'3"-2000290
196718T Custom18'3"6'3"-2650310
196720T Custom21'6"6'3"-3600400
196723T Custom24'6"6'3"-4200500
196729T Custom29'3"6'3"-6000650
19691750 S.C.18'3"-8'2800-
19691900 S.C.19'7"-8'3550-
19692100 S.C.22'3"-8'3875-
19692450 S.C.25'6"-8'4895-
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22 thoughts on “Vintage Aloha Trailers

  1. Reply John rouse Dec 19,2013 12:17 am

    Hi there I’m John rouse from portland oregon just wanted too say like the info on the aloha trailers. I own a 1955 compact aloha she’s 13.5 long total. I’m going to have a complete restoration done on her next spring having a good friend in bend oregon do the restore. I’m glad I bought this trailer last march these little canham trailers are hard to find, plus I like the fact that it was built in oregon. I live near portland. Hope too use her a lot when I can she will look like a little shinnie canham when done.

  2. Reply Molly May 12,2014 5:48 pm

    Thanks for this info! I am the owner of a 1968 Aloha I am fixing up now – love it. Some pics and info here:

    I cannot afford to restore, but it is solid and am going to make cute for myself and son to enjoy… later down the line someone can do the heavy work :)

  3. Reply John Happy Jun 21,2014 3:29 pm

    I have the use of an Aloha trailer for a couple weeks. The nice couple lending it to us received it as compensation for work done and has never used it. Neither knows anything about it. It’s in liveable condition. I’m trying to understand the potable water supply system. Can I ask my questions here or is there a better website to do so?

  4. Reply J. Lilley Jul 11,2014 1:03 pm

    Hey we own the aloha with the aqua appliances the seller told us it was a 1968 how come the list on this site skips from 1967 to 1969? I want to know more about our new little trailer and I was wondering if you had any more information thank you :)

  5. Reply Wendy Murry Sep 7,2014 7:47 pm

    Hi, I am the proud owner of a 1954 Aloha just wondering if anyone out there has one that old. WOuld love to see photos or get more info on mine. She is 10ft not including tongue and in incredible shape for one this old and mostly original.

  6. Reply Junell Sep 30,2014 12:52 pm

    I have a 1955 Aloha trailer 13 feet. my husband, cousin and I have replaced the birch panels that were rotted out. We took it to its first rally a couple of weeks ago and had a great time showing it off.
    This little trailer was a great find. It has most of its original parts. All that I am missing is tail lights for it which is a problem. I can’t find after market tail lights that are surface mounted. All that I can find are recessed into the skin. I’m hoping that someone out there has some or can help me find some. Please help!
    Asos how come no info for 1955 on your page.
    Thanks Junell

  7. Reply geoff king Mar 24,2015 5:06 pm

    I have an Aloha camping trailer definitely a vintage one other than that i don’t know much about it. how do i go about finding out info on it? i had thought about selling it as i don’t use it anymore and don’t have know what to ask for a selling price help?

    • Reply Jo Cunningham Apr 22,2015 4:19 pm

      Hi Geoff,

      I might be interested if you are looking to sell. Do you have details on condition, year etc? I have an Aloha but someone crashed into it, hit and run. Not sure if it is worth fixing.


  8. Reply Vintage Guy Jun 4,2015 12:06 pm

    The photo for Aloha trailers, the (pink) one is not an Aloha model. It’s a re-done Forester 1966, Just saying.

    • Reply junkNjive Dec 16,2015 8:24 pm

      I just looked at similar trailer to purchase. It looks just like it but the owner said the title dosent match the name on the trailer. Please give me any insight on this discrepency you may have. The trailer I am intrested in has an Aloha badge left of the door just like the one in the picture. I must admit the title issue scare me away but you may know something that has got me intrested again.

  9. Reply greta Jun 27,2015 12:58 pm

    Hi there! I recently acquired a 1964 15′ Aloha travel trailer. Everything has been gutted from the inside so it is now basically an empty room. Curious if anyone out there may have an idea of what the weight would be now that it has been gutted? My car only hauls 1500, wondering if it could haul my beautiful new trailer!

    thanks for any feedback :)

  10. Reply Shaine Jul 11,2015 11:31 pm

    I have an aloha camper im guessing mid 60s. Im trying to sell. Any one interested? My number is 2562522187 located in Alabama. Can send pictures.

  11. Reply Lisa Aug 26,2015 6:41 pm

    Hello there! I purchased a 1971 Aloha trailer from a friend, and completely restored it with a “Hello Kitty” theme. Now, all I need is a decal for the top back. Does anyone know where to find the specifics on the decal and where I may purchase one? (The original one was damaged and painted over).Thanks.

  12. Reply Matt Nov 6,2015 1:23 pm

    Hey all, we have an alpha travel trailer
    Title says 1950 “aloa”.
    Wondering if title is wrong.
    But it looks exactly like the pink trailer pictured above
    Including the little wooden corner piece in front and
    Back hatch picture.
    Anyone have photos of theirs?

  13. Reply John Dec 4,2015 3:36 pm

    I recentley purchased a 1965 15′ Aloha Camper. I am trying to register it with the DMV but don’t have a VIN#. Can anypne tell me where I might find this number? I have the origianl Aloha plate near the door that has the Model, Serial# and MFG. I have read it could be on the tongue, but cannot seem to find it, but it has been painted which may be hiding the number? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Reply John Dec 4,2015 3:37 pm

    I recentley purchased a 1965 15′ Aloha Camper. I am trying to register it with the DMV but don’t have a VIN#. Can anypne tell me where I might find this number? I have the origianl Aloha plate near the door that has the Model, Serial# and MFG. I have read it could be on the tongue, but cannot seem to find it, but it has been painted which may be hoding the number?

  15. Reply Brittany Jan 25,2016 8:47 am

    Also looking for a VIN number for my aloha camper. Any advice on where I could find it would be much appreciated!

  16. Reply Kelly Feb 19,2016 4:20 pm

    Does anyone know how much a 1954 Bellwood trailer weighs?

    • Reply Larry Apr 3,2016 6:53 pm

      I also have a ’54 Bellwood Kelly, and have always wondered the same. Did you find the answer anywhere?

  17. Reply Trisha Jul 26,2016 12:31 pm

    Excited to find this page, to learn more about my 1967 16 ft Aloha. It’s been my parent’s trailer since the early 70s and hasn’t been touched in terms of remodeling or rehabbing. If you have advice on how to find out about mold, electrical, or plumbing, I could sure use it. I’d love a couple of names of trailer rehab experts in the Portland area if you know of any. Thanks! I’m so excited to join the club!

  18. Reply George Dickensons Jul 26,2016 10:30 pm

    I am also excited to find this page. Three years ago we were looking for a vintage small trailer to fix up and found a 1964 Aloha 13 ft. Up in the mountains in Casmier Washington. Three feet of snow on the ground,covered with a shot blue tarp. We hooked up to it and four wheel drive made it down the mountain. I so far hand taken it down to the frame,totally re condition floor ,de skinned her. Rebuilding her was a challenge. But I put new walls ,salvaged what I could to keep the original structure,adding a full bathroom,SS back splash and counters ,storage,and fold down bed.HW tank SS sink. What is so neet about her is the trailer is the only one left out of eight used for temporary housing at the 1962 Seattle worlds fair in1964. And we got her.

  19. Reply George Dickensons Jul 26,2016 10:48 pm

    George here forgot to mention she cost us 200.00

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