Vintage Forester Trailers 6

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Vintage Forester trailer

Vintage Forester trailer

Vintage Forester Trailer Specifications, Weights and Dimensions

Forester travel trailers were built from 1958 to 1979 by Forest City Industries in Forest City, IA.

Vintage Forester Trailers

ModelLengthWeightHitch Weight
Forester 1515
Forester 16161700
Forester 1717
Forester 2020
Forester 2424
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6 thoughts on “Vintage Forester Trailers

  1. Reply Scott Oct 25,2014 7:32 pm

    I am very new to the vintage trailer but am hooked and can’t wait to find and begin restoring one. I have one question. I am 6’2″ so want to find a model that won’t have me hunched over. I have been searching for information about
    “inside height” dimensions but have had no luck finding anything. Any information you can provide me regarding specs that include inside height? Or do you have any advise regarding style, makes, etc that you’d steer me towards or away from? I would like to find one that is 13-15 ft in length. Any info much appreciated. Thanks, Scott

  2. Reply Paul Davis Mar 11,2015 3:05 pm

    I have a 1976 Forester camp trailer that measures 19′ inside do you have
    any info on this trailer

  3. Reply Page Mar 16,2015 6:49 pm

    I have a “67 Forester 15 ft. I’m 6’1” and have plenty of headroom in it. Just came back from a 10 day road trip with the Forester. What a fantastic pice of equipment. Still solid after 38 years!

  4. Reply Arthur C. Theurer Aug 23,2015 5:42 am

    Where do I find the Ser# on a 1958-1959 Midway Mid-jet travel trailer?
    Thank You

  5. Reply Gerry Oct 19,2015 12:57 pm

    I really need to find the date of mfg. on my Forster camp trailer. The State is giving me head Aches on lic. for this trailer. The ser. no. is 012-8500-17sb. I need this to be made before 1967. Please, is there anyone out there that can send me to a web site for this information?

  6. Reply PL Courtney May 10,2016 12:43 am

    I just found out the old travel trailer we picked up to use for storage for a while may actually be a ‘thing’… a collectible?

    It’s a 70’s something Forester 17′, still with its sink, small range (with oven), and fridge; there’s a bed at the back, and a dinette that makes into another bed at the front. The innards of the bathroom are missing, though, which is fine, for us, as we have a porta-potty that can move from trailer-to-trailer (we also just got a cute ’74 Boler 13′ that also needs a little work – no leaks or anything major, though).

    But there’s been some water damage to the Forester, primarily near the front, in the outside wall at the bathroom and up and over to the door (kind of mid-way between front and back), a band about 6’ wide. I’ve ripped out most of the ceiling at the front half – damage seems to be pretty much limited to that area, with more damage to only some of the plywood upper cabinet faces and doors where they de-laminated.

    I’m wondering if it’s worth trying to save this ‘tin can’ trailer… or should I just gut it and use it for storage? I really don’t have time to take on a big project, with life, and a Boler, already keeping me busy. Can you confirm for me that the Forester is a trailer that someone would pay a good price for if it were fixed-up? Thanks!

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