Vintage Shasta Trailers 104

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Vintage Shasta trailer

Vintage Shasta trailer

Vintage Shasta Trailer Specifications, Weights and Dimensions

One of the most popular lines of trailers is the Shasta. Since the 1940’s, Shasta trailers have been very popular for their low cost, light weight and large amount of room compared to their compact size.  Easily recognized by its distinctive wings and “canned-ham” shape, the Shasta trailer was the best selling travel trailer brand from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. Shasta trailers quickly became a favorite of campers all over the United States due to their low price and high quality and old models are still very popular among vintage trailer restorers and collectors today.

Shasta trailers were manufactured from 1941 until 2004, then again since 2010.

Shasta’s many models offer a variety of interiors, exteriors, and degrees of self-containment which enables you to choose the model which best meets your tastes and needs.  With the table below, compare each vintage Shasta trailer model to help find the right one for you.

Vintage Shasta Trailer Models

ModelLengthWidthWeightHitch weightSleepsGas Range w/ OvenGas Heater w/ ThermRefrigSinkMarine ToiletShowerGas Water HeaterSeptic TankWater SystemBrakesTires
Compact13 ft6 ft 6 in1125 lbs1742a & 4SOi bSe---S 16O2 - 6.5 x 13
Model 150014 ft 4 in6 ft 5 in1440 lbs1606SOi bSe---S 16O2 - 6.5 x 13
Model 140014 ft7 ft 8 in1650 lbs2456SOi bSe---S 16S2 - 6.5 x 13
Loflyte15 ft 7 in7 ft 1 in1730 lbs2106SOi bSe---S 16S2 - 6.5 x 13
Model 160015 ft 8 in6 ft 6 in1800 lbs2255SOi bSe---S 16S2 - 6.5 x 13
Astrodome16 ft7 ft2100 lbs3006SOGES-SS 25S 30S2 - 7.1 x 15
Airflyte17 ft7 ft 8 in2180 lbs2506aSOi bSe---Sd 24S2 - 7.75 x 14
16 SC16 ft7 ft 8 in2275 lbs2856aSOi bSSSSS 25Sd 24S2 - 8.25 x 14
Astroflyte17 ft7 ft 8 in2390 lbs2956aSOGESS--S 25Sd 24S2 - 8.25 x 14
Starflyte17 ft7 ft 8 in2500 lbs3086aSSGESSSSS 25Sd 30S2 - 8.25 x 14
Stratoflyte18 ft7 ft 8 in2980 lbs2954aSSGEScSSSS 37Sd 35S4 - 7.75 x 15
Starflyte19 ft7 ft 8 in2930 lbs4506aSHSGEFScSSSS 25S 46SL4 - 7.75 x 15
Stratoflyte20 ft7 ft 8 in3300 lbs3004a (62)
6 (69)
S 41 (69)
Sd 35 (62)
Sd 38 (69)
SL4 - 7.75 x 15 (62)
x 14 (69)
Tandem Dlx21 ft7 ft 8 in3390 lbs3804aSHSGEFScSSSS 47Sd 41SL4 - 7.75 x 14
Stratoflyte22 ft7 ft 8 in3560 lbs5504aSHSGEFScSSSS 37 (62)
S 41 (69)
Sd 35 (62)
Sd 38 (69)
SL4 - 7.75 x 15 (62)
x 14 (69)
Skyflyte27 ft7 ft 8 in4600 lbs5954aSHSGEFScSSSS 41Sd 41SL4 - 7 x 14.5
Symbols: S=Standard Equipment, O=Optional Equipment, a=Optional Fold-out Double Bed, i=Ice, GE=Gas-Electric Refrigerator, b=Gas-Electric Refrigerator Optional, c=Double Bowl Sink, d=Pressurized Water System, e=Optional Portable Chemical Toilet, F=8 sq. ft. LP Gas-Electric Refrigerator Standard, g=30 lb Gas Cylinders, H=4 Burner Cook Stove Standard, L=4 Wheel Brakes Standard, r=Rating
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104 thoughts on “Vintage Shasta Trailers

  1. Reply tommy Apr 7,2014 10:43 pm

    We have a 1963 Shasta 1900. We are trying to find more info on the trailer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  2. Reply Joe Aug 31,2014 2:55 pm

    I have a Shasta 1400 trailer. Serial# T13693.
    It was made in Grapevine, Texas.
    I am trying to identify the year it was made.
    I would appreciate any assistance.

    • Reply Ross Feb 16,2016 7:41 am

      Your Shasta 1400 was produced in 1975, based on the other vin#’s I have gathered in Shasta Vin# and Model database.

      Hope this helps.

      • Reply Rick Naster Apr 5,2016 1:56 pm

        Ross, I am way older than my wife’s ’13’ Shasta Compact. I am not sure if this note gets to you but I will try. In 2012 my wife decided she wanted to redo a Shasta. We found one in Astor Fl and I went down bought it and brought it back to SC. Of course I asked the seller for a title which they happily gave me. However, it was a FL title issued in 1991 to an unrelated party with a “Vin” #0618844. It turns out the # that was used was the same # as was on a small oval 3 1/4″X 1 1/2″ medallion that was screwed onto the body near the door. The oval medallion reads, around the top, Mechanical Plumbing Heating, and around the bottom R.V.I. in the center it says Manufacturer Certifies Compliance with ANSI Standard A119.2 Natioal Electric Code CI. Near the bottom was the # used as a Vin for the title. As I worked restoring the RV, I found what I think is the real Vin #P24432 on the curb side rail to the hitch. It has a U shaped bumper attached to the frame in the back, and although, the title says its a 1970, for some reason I believe its older. No Refer, but an Ice box. No pottie, A LP can on the tongue frame and a gas stove and small gas heater. The water had a plastic reservoir and a pump for pressure on the sink. Can you help me with a date…. I intend to title now that it is complete in SC but I would like to know it is correct year. Many thanks for your time and effort. Rick Naster

        • Reply Ross Apr 25,2016 2:35 pm

          Hey Rick,

          Just now say your post. Cool story about your Shasta Compact.
          Based on your Compact’s vin#, it was born in 1973 in Leola, Pennsylvania.

          Maybe my wife and will see you ’round a campfire this season. We are in the Charlotte, NC area and planning on heading to Chester State Park sometime in June.


  3. Reply Keith Sterly Mar 20,2015 11:01 pm

    I own a 1986 skyflyte Shasta. Was wondering what the weight capacity on the axles are? If anyone knows I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  4. Reply Cheri Knudson May 2,2015 10:25 am

    Just bought a 1990 140RB Shasta Camper and am looking for an owners manual, or any manuals about it. We have worked through a lot of the issues, but the manuals would sure help. Thanks for any information you can give.

  5. Reply Lynda Staples Aug 4,2015 7:59 pm

    Hello, I recently acquired a 1970 Stratoflyte 20 foot Shasta. The Serial number is S5605PA1. Any information on this trailer (where and when it was manufactured) would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I, too would like an owner’s manual or copy of one for this unit, as Cheri Knudson does.

    Thank you for posting the specs chart on the standard/optional equipment and weights. Most helpful.

    Can anyone tell me what the original awnings looked like?

    Thank you.

    • Reply Ross Feb 16,2016 7:49 am

      Hey Lynda, Is this the vin# off of your title or off of the tongue? There should be a green manufacture’s tag, next to the door handle. It will state where your Shasta Stratoflyte was produced. This will help with the dating process.

      I have collected over 650 Shasta vin#s. I have created a Shasta Vin# and Model database, to help others date their Shastas. All of the vin#’s are given to me and I never keep the owners names or locations, nor do I share the database with anyone or post it publicly. I highly believe in everyone’s privacy.


  6. Reply Annie Body Aug 22,2015 1:04 pm

    Hello we are tring to find more info on the Shasta Traveler Skyflyte as we were paid it in lieu of a growing debt. We can’t seem to find the vin number anywhere, does anyone have a clue where we can find this? Should we need to sell it and/or restore it for our own personal use it will be necessary to have the vin number to be able to get the title transferred. We appreciate any help you could offer on this as well as any other info on this particular travel trailer. Thank you.

    • Reply Ross Feb 16,2016 7:53 am

      Shasta vin#’s can be found on the curb side of the tongue. Most are stamped on the outside on the tongue, but some have been located on the top or inside of the tongue and these can sometimes have been on a plate (separate piece of metal.

      Hope this helps,

  7. Reply Tom D Oct 10,2015 4:13 pm

    I have a 1953 Shasta 1400 trailer that I am rebuilding and am interested to see if anyone knows what the stock paint colors were for the exterior? Do you know the paint codes?



  8. Reply erin Dec 18,2015 4:46 am

    Was wondering if someone could tell me the interior height? My husband is 6’5″ and I’m trying to find something he would be (relatively) comfortable in.

    • Reply Ross Feb 17,2016 8:20 am

      Hey Erin,

      The interior height really depends on the Shasta model. Are you looking at the 50’s – 60’s models or the 1970’s? The earlier models will have a lower ceiling height, simply because people were shorter in those days.

      We just got finished with rebuilding/customizing our 1970 Shasta Starflyte. I am 6’2″ and there is plenty of height for me to walk freely inside.


      • Reply Larry Aug 4,2016 9:53 pm

        Ross, I have a 1967 Shasta Trailer with the VIN # of T7202. Can you give me any information on this?

  9. Reply OFC Tim Durga Feb 17,2016 12:00 pm

    I’m the Abandoned Vehicle Officer for Joint Base Lewis-MChord and tring to identify a travel trailer. On 2Feb16 I impounded a 1970 Shasta Stratoflyte Travel Trailer with no plates attached on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The numbers I managed to get off the frame are 5560 and the data plate states manufactured in Washington. Is this the correct number?

    • Reply Ross Mar 3,2016 8:42 am

      Sorry for the delay. Got busy at work.

      As for the Shasta Stratoflyte’s vin#,W5560, was produced in 1969, but probably title and sold in 1970.

      Hope this helps. If I can help with anything else, contact the admin for this site and they should be able to put you in contact with me, being that this an open to the public site.


  10. Reply L.Crosby Feb 22,2016 2:09 pm

    I am looking at a Shasta Loflyte 1983 with a VIN # Q 3103446. Can you tell me where it was built. Also, did they make a 13ft. camper that year or is it a 15.7 bumper to tongue and 13 ft inside?

    • Reply Ross Mar 3,2016 8:52 am

      Unfortunatly, this is the time frame that Coachman purchased the Shasta rights, which was in 1976 and not sure where they were being produced after that.

      They usually measure from tongue to bumper, for the length of the trailer. Coachman was producing a 15 1/2′ Shasta, called Friendship, back in 1981 and ran for several years.

      Hope this helps,

  11. Reply Max Hoegele Feb 23,2016 2:45 pm

    Hey Ross,
    I got a (I believe) 1958 Shasta 13 ft trailer, not 100% sure what year it was made, but my good guess is 1958.
    Unfortunately the previous owner did not know the exact date of manufacture.
    Neither did the CA DMV, since they don’t keep records that old on their data banks.
    Would you be able to tell me what year the trailer was manufactured based on the VIN No.09261?
    Any advise or help would be appreciated, thanks.

  12. Reply Max Hoegele Feb 23,2016 3:44 pm

    Hey Ross,
    I would like to add this to me previous post to you.
    I just found the VIN number on the tongue of the trailer.
    There are 3 numbers:
    They were hard to read, since paint was put over them.
    It seems, the VIN number given on the paperwork was incorrectly stated as 09261.
    Maybe you might be able to find the year of manufacture by using any of the above numbers
    (number 080113 seems to be the most likely VIN no., IMO.).
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Reply Ross Mar 3,2016 9:05 am

      Hey Max, Can I assume that you got the 3 sets of numbers from the tongue coupler and not on the tongue rail, curbside (top of the rail or on the inside and either stamped into the frame or on an additional plate that was welded on)? Not sure what those are really for.

      However, lets work with the vin# that is on your title. There should be a green manufactures’ plate next to the door. It will state where your Shasta was produced. With that info, I can help with dating your Shasta.

      Here is my guess and it can be backed up with the vin# stamped on the tongue rail. The “O” is actually the prefix letter “C”, which would make this Shasta an Airflyte or 1500 and produced in 1957 in Van Nuys, California. Airflyte’s and 1500’s were the main Shasta model’s being produced at that time, at that plant.

      Hope this helps,

  13. Reply Robin Farrow Mar 4,2016 11:29 am

    I have what I believe to be a 1970 21 foot Shasta deluxe travel trailer. The Serial number is P19610. Any information on this trailer (where and when it was manufactured. What the value would be) would be greatly appreciated.

    Also I would like an owner’s manual or copy of one for this unit, if you know where I could get one


    • Reply Ross Mar 5,2016 7:33 am

      Hey Robin,

      This is a tough one, because of where your Shasta’s vin# falls within my Shasta Year, Vin# and Model database. It shows that your Shasta was produced in 1971 in Leola, Pennsylvania, probably in the 3rd quarter of the year. It is possible that your Deluxe was produced in 1970, but wasn’t titled and sold until 1971, which was common. Shasta Deluxe’s were being produced in the late 1950’s to late 1960’s and 1970 was the finial year.

      As far as placing a value on a vintage trailer, it all depends on it’s condition and rarity. Do some searching online for 1970 Shasta Deluxe’s that are for sale and see what others are asking.

      As for an owners manual, you can find copies on eBay.

      Hope you are enjoying your Shasta!


  14. Reply Jeanne Mar 16,2016 1:14 pm

    My husband and I just purchased a 1970 Shasta Loflyte and are getting ready to pick it up. I found on the spec sheet the width is 7’1″ and the bumper to hitch is 15’7″ but I can not find the height from ground to roof? I am trying to find a storage facility and need to know how tall to rent…do you know the height? thanks, Jeanne

  15. Reply Ross Mar 19,2016 5:56 am

    Hey Jeanne,

    We owned a 1970 Shasta Compact, sold it and now have a 1970 Shasta Starflyte.

    Wish I could be of more help., but I am not really sure how tall a Shasta Loflyte is. I do know that they were originally advertised that they could be stored in a garage.

    I would get in touch with the seller and ask them to measure. If you don’t mind, once you find out, would you let me know?


  16. Reply Jim B Mar 22,2016 10:06 am

    I recently purchased a Shasta Compact. I believe it to be a 1967 model but I cant be sure as I don’t have a Title (yet). The VIN # on the tongue is P12014. The plate on the tongue is so rusted you can’t read it. Can you tell me anything about this trailer?

  17. Reply J blake Mar 23,2016 11:39 am

    Hello Ross,
    I purchased a 1967 (I think) Shasta Compact. VIN # on tongue is p12014. Only got bill of sale, no title. Can you tell me anything about the trailer. The age or where it was manufactured. Also is there any source for the patterns or dimensions of the cushion’s as I need to have them re made. Thanks for your help!

    • Reply Ross Mar 30,2016 6:43 am

      Hey Jim,

      You Shasta Compact was produced in 1968 in Leola, Pennsylvania. As for the dinette cushions, can’t really help you with that. However, you can ask the question on Classic Shastas Yahoo forum site or on Vintage Trailer Talk. Someone would be willing to measure theirs and give you the measurements.


  18. Reply Sandy Mar 24,2016 6:06 pm

    We just purchased a Shasta travel trailer and would appreciate any help trying to figure out what year it is and type. The Vin # is C3181 and the Shasta plate by the door says Van Nyse, Ca. We think it might be a 1400 or 1500. Thank you so much!

    Thank you,

    • Reply Ross Mar 30,2016 6:49 am

      Hey Sandy,

      WOW, you have an early Shasta! Based on the vin#, your Shasta was produced in 1954 in Van Nuys, California. During the first 2 years of production, 1500’s were the Shasta models being built.

      Hope this helps,

  19. Reply Kathy Mar 25,2016 2:00 pm

    Hello Ross – Could you please contact me about my Shasta? She was build in PA and I believe is a 1965, 1500.

  20. Reply Ginnie Apr 6,2016 1:36 pm

    Hi. I have a trailer that was sold to me as a 54 Shasta but not sure it is one. The vin # is vin/HIN 1415354 Model SAA. Can you help me identify it??

    • Reply Ross Apr 25,2016 2:08 pm

      Hey Ginnie,

      Did you get this number off of the curbside of the tongue or off of the title? It’s not a Shasta vin# or Model.

      The a 1954 – 1956 Shasta’s vin# would start with a prefix letter of C and followed by four digits and if it is a 1954 – 1956 the Model would be a 1500.

      If you locate the vin# that is stamped into the tongue frame, I will be able to tell you when and where it was produced.

      tearjerkers2004 at yahoo dot com

  21. Reply Tess Apr 11,2016 3:08 am

    Hello Ross…
    First let me say thank you for taking time to answer questions. Here is mine.

    I bought a squarish compact Shasta and the title says its a 1963. I have done a lot or research and from what I have read over and over again, and thru pictures, the squarish was not produced until 1964. I went to the DMV to pled my case and they researched it as far back as they could and they insist that it is a 1963. I showed them my research and pictures that I found on the internet and the man told me that sometime models are released early and that was probable the case.

    So here is my question….

    When I am ready to “show her off”, do I say she is a 1963 or a 1964? Should I consider her a 1963 or 1964?
    I am thinking that anyone with any Shasta knowledge will insist its a 1964.

    Thank you

    • Reply Ross Apr 25,2016 1:59 pm

      Hey Tess, Been busy at our shop and time got away from me, sorry for the delay.
      If you can locate the vin# on the curbside of the tongue, I can tell you the year is was produced. I created a Shasta database for collecting Shasta vin#’s and Models. This way I can pin point the year. As of now, I have 685 Shasta vin#’s logged in. It is private and made public, nor do I keep any of the owners names or locations.

      That being said, if you want to email me your Shasta’s vin#, I can hopefully help you with your DMV and getting the proper year.

      tearjerkers2004 at yahoo dot com

  22. Reply John Apr 25,2016 8:48 pm

    my shasta compact vin is P3622 . what can you tell me . thanks john

    • Reply Ross Apr 29,2016 5:43 am

      Hey John,

      Your Shasta Compact was produced in Leola, Pennsylvania in 1965.

      Thanks for the vin# and hope this helps.


  23. Reply Ross Apr 26,2016 7:02 am

    Hey Tess,

    If you can locate the vin# that is stamped into the curbside of the tongue, I can tell you when and where it was produced.

    I have created a Shasta Vin#, Year and Model Database with over 685 vin’s, as of now. It is a private database, for my eyes only. I believe that privacy is important, thus I don’t keep any locations and names, when I get a Shasta vin# from someone. The database helps to pinpoint production locations, production runs and years they were produced.

    You can post it here or email it to me and I would happy to help.

    tearjerkers2004 at yahoo dot com

  24. Reply liz May 3,2016 12:00 pm

    I have a 18 foot Shasta Stratoflyte vin P18985 can anyone tell me what year it is?

  25. Reply Rob May 5,2016 5:46 pm

    Ross Just bought a 1960s Shasta can you tell the make a model from this number

    S27394 PA-590

    Also Can you tell me the rim and tire size as this trailer has been on blocks since 1969.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Reply Ross May 12,2016 7:41 am

      Hey Rob,

      Based on your Shasta’s vin#, you have a 1965 Shasta 18′ Super, produced in Northridge, California.

      As for the tire size, I don’t have that answer. The 18′ Supers were only in production for 1965 and 1966, I believe, so there isn’t too much info on them.

      You can find me at VTT, as well. I am one of the moderators there.

      Hope this helps,

  26. Reply amanda May 9,2016 7:40 pm

    Hi. Need help trying to identify the year of our shasta 1400. The numbers found were S33853 PA4247.

    • Reply Ross May 12,2016 7:43 am

      Hey Amanda,

      You already contacted me, via email, but I will anwser your question here, as well.

      Your Shasta 1400 was produced in 1965, in Northridge, California.


  27. Reply Julie May 9,2016 10:54 pm

    My hubby and I just “found” a stratoflyte vin # T14516. I know she was made in Grapevine Texas(The seal is still there) Can you help me find the year she was born?

    Thank you

    • Reply Ross May 12,2016 7:56 am

      Hey Julie,

      As for your Stratoflyte, it was produced in 1975.

      A little Shasta history. 1975 was the last year that Shasta Industries produced Shasta trailers. Coachman Industries bought the Shasta brand in 1976 and continued producing trailers, 5th wheels, pop ups and motorhomes, up to 2004.

      Hope this helps,

  28. Reply Lisa May 16,2016 1:39 am

    I just purchased a 1963 compact. Vin # V-15420. Unfortunately, no plate is on the door. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


    • Reply Ross May 31,2016 6:09 am

      Hey Lisa. Congrats on your new adventure!

      I just enjoy helping others date their Shasta’s and possible tell what model they might have.

      As for Shasta Compact, it was born in Goshen, Indiana in 1964, probably towards the beginning of the second quarter. This is based on your Compact’s vin#. Between vin#’s V11775 to around V15100 was the 1963 production run.

      Hope this helps.


  29. Reply Alison G May 16,2016 11:58 am

    Hi, Ross!
    Could you help me identify my 1966 Shasta? I am unsure whether it is a Airflyte or a 1500?
    Vin# S27838

    • Reply Ross May 31,2016 6:22 am

      Hey Alison.

      Based on your Shasta’s vin#, if it is correct, it is showing to be produced in Columbia, South Carolina in 1976, which was the final production run.

      If the vin# is correct, probably have a Shasta Starflyte.

      Pictures will really help identify which model you have.

      tearjerkers2004 at yahoo dot com

  30. Reply Johnny Murdoch May 22,2016 11:21 am

    Hi Mr. Ross. My cousin just gave me their Shasta Compact. I am so excited But have some problems with the camper They have no Title and I would like to register it but have no data except the vin# on the tounge reads T 11198. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a wonderful day

    • Reply Ross May 31,2016 6:29 am

      Hey Johnny.

      Your Shasta Compact was produced in Grapevine, Texas in 1975.

      If you email me, I can offer some help to hopefully help with getting a correct title. It has worked with some Shasta owners in the past.

      tearjerkers2004 at yahoo dot com

      • Reply Johnny Murdoch Jun 8,2016 9:37 am

        Thank you so much for your reply. At least I know the year I have contacted the local DMV here, its a lot of red tape but I am going to try and make it legal as soon as possible.

        Again thank you so much for your help, and your time.

  31. Reply Ashley May 24,2016 8:27 am


    I am really hoping you can help us with some info on our Shasta compact. We found a Vin # on the tongue. It is # – V29006
    Any info you can give will be GREATLY appreciated!!! :)

    Thank you,

    • Reply Ross May 31,2016 6:35 am

      Hey Ashley,

      Your Shasta Compact was born in 1970, in Goshen, Indiana, possible within the first quarter of the year.

      Hope this helps.


  32. Reply Bonnie Jun 4,2016 9:24 pm

    Hello Ross,

    We are restoring a a Sharya AirFlyte. We think it’s a late 50’s model. The vin is v3103. Could you help identify the year?


  33. Reply Ross Jun 9,2016 6:12 am

    Hey Bonnie.

    Hope you are having fun with your restoration project! They can be overwhelming at times. Well worth all of the hard work, once you take your Shasta out for it’s first camping trip, after being returned to it’s glory days!

    You are correct on your assumption. Your Airflyte was born in 1959, mid year, in Goshen, Indiana.


  34. Reply Uriah Jun 12,2016 12:16 am

    HI Ross, we just bought a Shasta the we believe is a 1957. The stamp on the tongue reads C7607. The plate by the door reads that it was made in Van Nuys CA. Do you have any more information on it?

    Thanks, Uriah.

    • Reply Ross Jun 13,2016 6:23 am

      Hey Uriah,

      You are correct about being a 1957 Shasta. As for knowing what Model you have???? 1500’s were the Shasta’s being produced, at that time. However, the Airflye’s were being introduced at the end of 1957, but didn’t go full production until 1958. This is based on the Van Nuys, California plant.

      Based on this info and where your Shasta’s vin# falls, on the database, I believe that you have a 1500, which was produced in the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 1957.

      Hope this helps,

  35. Reply Roger Jun 12,2016 3:27 pm

    Hi Ross,

    We bought a Shasta 1500 whose registration claims 1959, but the sink in it has a 1960 date. The serial # is S-22811.
    Could you please verify if this is a 1959?



    • Reply Ross Jun 13,2016 6:35 am

      Hey Roger,

      I believe that your Shasta’s vin# in incomplete. There should be another letter in front of the “S”.

      If I had to make a guess, I would say it would read FS22811. This is based on the numbers, only. All Shasta manufacturing plant ran consecutive numbers with their vin#’s. I also believe that your Shasta 1500 was produced in Northridge, California. This can be checked by you. There should be a green manufacturing plate that is screwed to the outside, next to the door.

      Did you get the vin# off of the tongue or off of the title?

      If you would like to get info and chat faster, shoot me an email.

      tearjerkers2004 at yahoo dot com

  36. Reply L Crosby Jun 13,2016 4:07 pm

    Ross, my shasta loflyte has a stamped number of P19684 on the outside tongue of frame. Any idea what year?

    • Reply Ross Jun 15,2016 5:34 am

      Hey L Crosby,

      Your Shasta Loflyte was produced in 1971, in Leola, Pennsylvania.

      Hope this helps,

  37. Reply Brian C Jun 24,2016 2:16 pm

    My wife and I just bought a Shasta compact, title says 1958, but everything I read says late 50’s had wooden screen doors and this one has aluminum screen door. The plate by the door says it was built in Goshen IN. VIN # V16562, any thoughts on the year?

    • Reply Ross Jul 6,2016 6:08 am

      Hey Brian,

      Sorry for the major delay. Your question, as well as others, were just now posted.

      As for your Shasta, you actually have a 1964 Compact. This is about the time that Shasta was transitioning from the rounded campers to the squared campers.

      Which do you have?

      You can always find me on I am one of the Moderators on that site. A lot of great info regarding vintage trailer repairs and restoration.


  38. Reply On the MN Lake Jun 26,2016 10:58 am

    Hi, we are looking to sell our vintage Shasta. My husband has had this camper for 35+ years. We are trying to put some info together the vin # on the tongue is v2533. The green plate by the door says it was mg by Shasta Trailers Inc of Indiana. Do you know what year it is?

  39. Reply Tess Jun 26,2016 9:33 pm

    Hi Ross,
    Looks like your the man to know :-).

    I have a 1963 Shasta Compact trailer. VIN# P13821. The problem is my title says its a 1963 but it is a squarish style and from what I know thru research on the internet, they didnt make the squarish style until 1964. I went to the DMV in Nevada where I bought it and they insisted it was a 1963. Then I went to the DMV in Utah where I had it registered and they said It was a 1963. I presented all the info I had and insisted that they check on it. They came back to me and said it was a 1963. Their reasoning was, even though it was a 1964 model, sometimes a trailer or two would have an early release for different reasons such as promotions.
    What do you think about this and what info do you have that you could share. Also, not sure if I should call it a 1963 or a 1964. Might ruffle a few collectors feathers if I insist it is a 1963.
    Thank for your input

    • Reply Ross Jul 6,2016 6:16 am

      Hey Tess,

      It looks like there was a typo when the title was first created. You actually have a 1968 Compact. It would appear to have been an honest mistake, at the time.

      If a bit more proof would help with your local DMV, email me and I might be of some help.

      tearjerkers2004 at yahoo dot com

  40. Reply Andrea Jun 30,2016 2:22 pm

    I just bought a Shasta Deluxe with no title. What can you tell me about the Vin number V-4758?

  41. Reply Ross Jul 6,2016 6:24 am

    Hey Andrea,

    Based on your Shasta’s vin#, produced in 1959. You have one of the first Deluxe 19’ers produced from the second Shasta manufacturing plant. The Goshen, Indiana plant opened in April 1958 and the main Shasta Model being produced was the Airflyte in 1959. The occasional Deluxe 19′ was produced, as well as a few Compacts.

    Hope this helps,

  42. Reply Jamie Struss Jul 8,2016 10:40 pm

    Hi Ross,

    We recently got a Shasta here in Alaska. It says it was made in Van Nuys, Calif. and the Vin# is C4775. It’s a Canned Ham style and we are thinking 1500 or 1400. The previous owner said he’s estimating it to be around 1960 but I was curious if you had any other information.


    • Reply Ross Jul 11,2016 6:15 am

      Hey Jamie,

      You actually have a 1955 Shasta 1500! Was your Shasta originally painted? Reason I ask, is at the end of 1954 and the beginning of 1955, they were producing “Silver Side” Shasta 1500’s. They were polished aluminum, no paint. Not sure how many they produced.

      On a side note, Alaska is a beautiful place!! My Aunt and Uncle used to live in Fairbanks and my Dad and Brother just returned from Excursion Inlet from a fishing vacation. Brought back some awesome halibut!


  43. Reply Kim Jul 10,2016 11:15 am

    We love our Shasta trailer!

    • Reply Ross Jul 11,2016 6:17 am

      So glad to hear that, Kim. What model do you have? Did you restore it or lucky enough to find one that had be WELL taken care of?


  44. Reply Amanda Jul 22,2016 9:33 am

    Hello! I am buying a Shasta compact tonight! I can’t wait. The vin is V23572. Can you tell me anything about it? I think it’s a 65.

    • Reply Ross Jul 24,2016 6:44 am

      Hey Amanda,

      We just got back from a week long camping trip. As for the Shasta Compact’s vin#, it is actually a 1968 Compact.

      Hope this helps,

  45. Reply Helen Jul 22,2016 11:27 pm

    Hello i have a shasta vin #10900sc and id like to know more about like modle age- etc….. thank you for your help

    • Reply Ross Jul 24,2016 6:48 am

      Hey Helen,

      The vin# is missing the prefix letter or letters and if you had a picture, that would really help, too. The vin# database that I have will only tell me what year the Shasta was produced.

      You can email me direct, if you would like and I will be able to help you with more info about your Shasta.

      tearjerkers2004 at yahoo dot com

  46. Reply Bill Jul 28,2016 6:53 am

    I have a 67 Compact din number P11278.
    Very good shape.

  47. Reply Ross Jul 28,2016 7:55 am

    Thanks Bill. Based on your Compact’s vin#, you actually have a 1968 Shasta, probably produced mid year. If it were from 1967, the vin# would only have 4 digits and begin with P8***. Between P8650 and P8700 is when the 1968’s were being produced.

    This is based on over 725 Shasta vin#’s collected.

    Hope this helps,

  48. Reply Stephen Hyndes Jul 30,2016 9:12 pm

    Hi Ross we just bought a project ,I think its a 1959 Shasta Airflyte 14ft ,I managed to get a number off the tongue it was really hard to read but where pretty sure its M2084 B3 the tag on the skin is Van Nuys California. Can you help us identify our little beauty
    Thank you

  49. Reply Ross Jul 31,2016 6:56 am

    Hey Stephen,

    Those numbers seem like they came off of the top of the coupler, which would be nothing more than the coupler manufacture’s part numbers. Shasta didn’t use the prefix letter “M” in their vin#’s. If you have a 1959 Airflyte from Van Nuys, the prefix letter will be “C” and followed by 4 or 5 digits. The “B3” could possibly be part of the vin#, if the number did come off of the tongue. The letter “M” is throwing it off.

    The Shasta vin#’s were stamped on the outside of the tongue, curbside and close to the coupler. There will be a small plate that was tack welded to the inside of the tongue, streetside and close to the coupler. Sometimes, the small metal plate has disappeared of the years.

    If you want to, email me direct and I can hopefully be of more assistance.

    tearjerkers2004 at yahoo dot com

  50. Reply Steve Jul 31,2016 8:53 am

    Hi Ross , I’ll have another look definitely got the number from curb side tongue but really hard to read I could actually see them better in a picture I took , i did find the hitch info on the plate. would you mind if I sent you a photo?
    Kind Regards Steve

  51. Reply Steve Jul 31,2016 5:42 pm

    Hi Ross
    I found a plate that had been painted over looks to be issued by the state of California approving the trailer for sale / Its identified with the number 14584 .would this be the vin number ?
    Kind regards

  52. Reply John Boris Aug 2,2016 1:08 pm

    I have a Shasta with a vin of v20675 I need to know what year it was made

    • Reply Ross Aug 8,2016 6:58 am

      Hey John,

      Looks like you have a 1966 Shasta. Do you know what model you have? My database only shows the year a Shasta was produced, not the model.


  53. Reply Larry Aug 4,2016 9:57 pm

    Hey Ross,
    I have a 1967 Shasta Trailer and the nameplate says made in Grapevine Texas and the title has a VIN of T7202 and was wondering if you have the model of this trailer. I have seen several Shasta trailers but this one has that humpback kind of back end that I haven’t seen many of . Right now I have it down to the frame to restore and was wanting to get as much information as i could on it.



    • Reply Ross Aug 8,2016 7:12 am

      Hey Larry,

      It is possible that you have a Starflyte. It should be about 17′ long, actual floor will measure only 15′ or so. I believe that around 1968 is when the “trunkback” models were streamlined, thus removing them.

      This is a 1967 Shasta Starflyte. Take a look at it and see if this is what you have.

      Have fun with the restoration! Be sure to check out if you happen to need a few questions answered or just want to bounce a few ideas. I am one of the moderators there.


      • Reply Ross Aug 8,2016 7:16 am

        Hey Larry, some how the links got a bit messed up.

        Hover over “Have Fun with the restoration! Be sure to check out” That is the link to a 1967 Starflyte.

        Hover over “if you happen to need any questions answered….” that is the link to Vintage Trailer Talk forum.

        Sorry about that, not sure what happened….

        • Reply Larry Aug 28,2016 9:54 pm

          Thanks Ross,
          I took a look at the link and Bertha is just like mine. Thanks for the info and I have taken it down to the frame and repainted frame and replaced all the wood supports and plywood decking with pressure treated material. Have rebuild the side walls so far and currently redoing the plumbing as I added a gray tank since they didn’t have them back then. Work but will be worth it.

  54. Reply Bill Aug 5,2016 5:12 pm

    Thanks for correcting me on the year of my Shasta. My registration says its a 1967 but the numbers are the correct answer. Its actually a 1968 Shasta Compact.
    You were correct on the location, making it much easier!
    Thanks again.. Bill, Upstate New York close to Vermont…

  55. Reply Jim Morris Aug 13,2016 7:46 pm

    Hello Ross, I have a Shasta Starflyte That was given to me. The VIN is V31678, I don’t anything about this except it really needstender care ! I would appreciate any info you could give me and maybe some Idea where I could find a manual.

  56. Reply Ross Aug 25,2016 7:51 am

    Sorry for any delays in responding. Seems that there was a glitch in the site since August 15th and the Admin just fixed the problem.

  57. Reply Ross Aug 25,2016 7:52 am

    Hey Jim,

    Been wanting to send this, since August 15th. Just waiting on the site to get back up and running.

    Based on the vin#, your Shasta Starflyte was produced in Goshen, Indiana in 1971.

    As for a manual, if you do a search on eBay for Shasta Manual in All Categories, not eBay Motors, you will find a few reproductions available.

    For additional help with questions, repairs or rebuilding, VTT is a great site to be a part of. You can find me over there, a lot. I am one of several moderators.

    Hope this helps,

  58. Reply Steve Hyndes Sep 3,2016 8:46 pm

    Hi Ross
    great news we found the vin number C12084 B3. There’s a gap between the serial number and the B3 stamp , We are pretty sure this is a 1959 can you tell?
    Thank you

  59. Reply Ross Sep 4,2016 6:30 am

    Hey Steve,

    Congrats on locating the vin#. Your do have a 1959 Shasta Airflyte, produced in Van Nuys, California.


  60. Reply Laurel Oct 2,2016 10:58 pm

    Hi! I was hoping to get a little info on our newly acquired 1973 (at least thats what is on the title) Shasta! Its about 14.5 feet long which leads me to believe its a 1400 but I’m not sure. I read a lot of your posts and I found some information on the plates next to the door as well as on the tongue and here’s what I have: on the green plate it says Battleground, Washington and on the tongue I found two different numbers the one closer to the trailer reads PA603 and then about 6 inches later it says S8180 (which is listed as the number on the title). Anything you can give me would be appreciated!

    • Reply Ross Oct 3,2016 6:20 am

      Hey Laurel,

      Sounds like you do have a Shasta 1400, based on the length. The vin# is a bit weird. Being that your Shasta is from Battleground, Washington, the vin# should start with the letter “W”, not an S. However, the 4 digits are about right for the year, 1973.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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