Vintage Kenskill Trailers 31

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Vintage Kenskill trailer

Vintage Kenskill trailer

Vintage Kenskill Trailer Specifications, Weights and Dimensions

Kenskill manufactured travel trailers from 1946 to the mid 70’s.  A larger company, Kenskill had made 18,000 travel trailers by 1959.  Their trailers were designed to be stood up in and offer plenty of head room.

Vintage Kenskill Trailer Models

YearModelLengthWidthHeightWeightHitch Weight
1948Sports Rover10'86'8"7' ext
195716' Standard16'
195716' w/Toilet16'
195719' Twin19'
195723 1/2'23.5'
196015 1/2'15.5'2000
196017 1/2'17.5'
196019 1/2'19.5'
196215 1/215'6"
196217 1/217'6"
196219 1/219'6"
196617 1/217.5'8'3380380
196618 1/218.5'8'3900350
196619 1/219.5'8'3980440
1971K-170 S.SC17'8'6'6" int2750380
1971K-175 T.SC17.5'8'6'6" int2800380
1971K-190 T.SC19'8'6'6" int2930350
197120020'8'6'6" int3600400
197122022'8'6'6" int3750420
197124024'8'6'6" int4360580
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31 thoughts on “Vintage Kenskill Trailers

  1. Reply Ann Aug 7,2014 12:39 pm

    Just purchased 1958 Kenskill ….it’s either a 17 or 18 foot…haven’t picked up yet to get serial number
    Do you have any information on the 1958s?… No shower, just a monomatic toilet…free standing light green stove in kitchen…may have been made in 1957 and registered in 1958….has the original plates and an extra add a room that zips to the original awning…aqua and white stripes…heavy canvas…really cool
    Would love anything you can share

  2. Reply Liz Sep 11,2014 11:17 am

    Hi – I am looking at a 62 kenskill – do you know if they were insulated? Will be using during the winter. Thanks, Liz

  3. Reply Ken Kill Apr 20,2015 2:40 pm

    1966 34′ Kenskill
    Any alive yet?

  4. Reply JC John Jun 12,2015 5:50 pm

    I own a Kenskill trailer but I can’t figure out the year. I would appreciate some help.
    Here is the info I have:
    Model: 17 1/2 SC
    Serial: FF5S537
    Sales Registration: 36S-537195
    DOH: A-128647

  5. Reply got skillz Jul 2,2015 1:34 pm

    I own a Kenskill model 163 along with a serial number.Cant find vin on trailer. can anyone tell me anything about this trailer?

  6. Reply sivadnej77 Jul 14,2015 5:20 pm

    I think I own a Kenskill trailer, because of the picture of the one on this page, however…I cannot verify yes or no. No title, and I can’t find a VIN or Model # or anything. Previous owners remodeled it at some point. Not a lot is original, except a couple cabinets. Anyone know where I can find full pics if all models?

  7. Reply Cory Jul 20,2015 5:19 pm

    We just picked up a 1961 Kenskill, I think it is a 15.5 foot. The Vin# C17S1524. I cant find another one on line like it. I would love to see what color and style the paint should be. It has pink stove and sink but the outside has been painted a few colors over the years. I would like to keep it as true to its beginnings as pos.

  8. Reply Cory Jul 21,2015 4:57 pm

    Just picked up a 1961 Kenskill 15 ft, Model#e1751sc, DOH#99208. Cant find anything on line. Would love to know what the inside should look like since I am not sure it has not been altered over the years. The outside shape is unique as well. Anyone out there that might know a sight I can check out?

  9. Reply Dave Sep 26,2015 9:27 pm

    Cory I have the same trailer the vin is c17s1511 just 13 numbers before yours, may have been built on the same day, you can contact me if you want at or my website, I do trailer restoration, thanks for info now I now what year it is,

  10. Reply Ann Feb 18,2016 12:23 pm

    I am trying to find a cover that will fit my husbands 47 Kenskill teardrop that he is restoring. Does anyone know where I CAN GET ONE FOR THIS MODEL?

  11. Reply scott shepherd Feb 28,2016 1:32 am

    I have what is I believe a late 50s kenskill… I cant find any photos or info on anything like it. it has a very unique shape on the back, kin da like a butterflys wing… if nyou about these trailers please help me out….

  12. Reply Joyce Fosnight Mar 2,2016 5:08 pm

    Does anyone know the weight of a 1962 15.5 Kenskill travel trailer? Model D1 752

  13. Reply Joyce C. Merino Mar 14,2016 6:37 pm

    Joyce Merino
    Trying to find a image of a Kenskill Model #H246(?) Serial #20100497, approximately 21’length, 9′ width, 10 feet w/ tires. Unsure of year or name of model. In the process of remodeling to original as possible. For retired senior and fiancee’ and small Yorkie. Could please Email me in reference to obtaining the schematics, due to heavy water damage of electrical, for user’s manual. In process of demo to reinforce with new wood and metal beams for strength to travel on road and register in California. Thank you!

  14. Reply got skillz Apr 6,2016 9:35 am

    Went to sheriff’s office yesterday.Gave them the make model and serial number.Based off of the model number 163 it was determined to be a 53 and clean not stolen.Yessssss,time for registration.

  15. Reply Gwen Apr 11,2016 12:10 pm

    We also have a 2961 Kenskill 15.5’…I can remember attach a picture but email me…

  16. Reply Michael Apr 21,2016 12:11 pm

    how much is a 1964 Kenskill 8′ x 16′ long worth?

  17. Reply Michael Apr 21,2016 12:11 pm

    it is in poor shape and needs lots of work?

  18. Reply Tammy Apr 22,2016 10:34 am

    Is the kenskill the only brand with the door at the back??
    I bought a camper but don’t know what I have! No papers.
    Thanks for any help!!

    • Reply Merina Shearing May 8,2016 7:30 pm

      Hi Tammy,

      I just got a 1950somthing Kenskill with the back door that we are restoring if you find anything can you let me know? and I’ll do the same:) its so hard to find any info for these trailers!! I can send you pictures of mine if it helps to identify:)I do have a serial# and model# but still no help:(

  19. Reply sarah Apr 26,2016 8:08 am

    what kind of wood is the original interior. I took a sample to the lumber yard they said it was White Oak?

  20. Reply Merina Shearing May 8,2016 7:18 pm


    Kenskill trailer, serial# 25220, model# 253 I think its a 25 foot, haven’t measured it yet and I can’t find anything on this trailer!!!!

    Please help:) if you have any information on this trailer, it would be so handy in the restoration of this trailer, as we are trying to keep it as vintage as we can:)

  21. Reply Terry Gaither May 11,2016 7:11 pm

    I have a:
    1969 G.T. 170 Kenskill Travel Trailer
    Limited Production, Wide Track–Sports Trailer
    There were supposedly only 100 of them made.
    I am trying to find information about this trailer.
    Any help would be appreciated. It is in very good condition.

  22. Reply Kim May 29,2016 1:03 pm

    I need specs on 1977 kenskill. 29 ft. It’s in decent shape. They seller wants 1,600 for it. I’m in CA. What should I offer? Everything works on it. Newer tires too. No leaks. Registered. What’s it worth? It needs paint inside and out, upholstery new flooring and general clean up. It’s my first one buying so I could use some help on this. Thanks so much. I do appreciate.

  23. Reply Barb Jun 11,2016 8:52 pm

    I’m searching for a Kenskill with bathroom/shower (or a Shasta Deluxe) for under $10k. Can anyone please direct me?
    Thank you in advance,

  24. Reply Dorothy Quebec Jun 27,2016 11:39 pm

    Does anyone know what years they made these trailers with a slide out? Just got one but can’t find a year on it. It also has a patio door. Not sure if that is original.

    • Reply DONALD Aug 25,2016 9:44 am

      I have one 1967 has a custom installed sliding glass doors front Rt. side Good ac unit double door fridge and more and for sale amount? needs slight repairs have signed title no tag since 2010. RV park trying to get it for free, I will do the DMV if worth it, Tires hold air no cracks, or weather beaten.

  25. Reply Paul Johnson Aug 13,2016 8:47 pm

    I am looking for an owners manual for a 1971 kenskill trailer. A PDFs scanned copy would be ok If an orrigional is not available

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